The AFTERMATH of a workplace accident is a unique online learning experience. This electronic safety leadership training module was developed to give participants a ‘front row seat’ to a fatal workplace incident without having to experience it first-hand.

The AFTERMATH of a workplace accident is now available for purchase online.

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The material was developed by David Myrol, a nationally recognized practitioner of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in Canada and partner at McLennan Ross LLP and Aimée Barnabé, a live event and video producer. Together, they have developed this online course to take users through the inner workings of an Occupational Health and Safety trial. Each of the four modules demonstrates how errors made on the frontline can transform into an accident and where the chain of accountability leads.

An incident is examined through the use of dramatization and narration with commentary by legal experts. This distinctive approach reveals the many different perspectives of those affected by a workplace accident. Participants will have access to supplemental reading materials and will be required to complete comprehension testing at the end of each module.

The lessons in this program are beneficial to all levels of an organization – frontline employees, supervisors, safety professionals, as well as executives.

Everyone can benefit from learning about the importance of workplace safety and the serious legal consequences that can happen when organizations fail to meet minimum safety standards. The accident scenario is designed to be simple and universal – but the issues it raises are complex and at time controversial. The training challenges participants to think critically about health and safety.

The AFTERMATH of a workplace accident was developed to give organizations a powerful tool to create an engaged workforce that is committed to working safely while remaining competitive in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

It is not always the obvious hazards that create the most harm. Often it’s the little things that can be the difference. You’ll never look at a ladder the same way!